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experience Aguada And the West with Casa Aguada Cultural Tours

About Aguada

Explore the West!

The aguada cultural tours last 2 hours and we explore the history, culture and most important monuments of Aguada.

Among them is the Aguada House Museum, the Espinar hermitage, the Aguada pyramid, public square and historic center, historic murals, Cruz de Colon square and the coastline.

We learn, know and have fun exploring this beautiful Caribbean town.

We are in a central location between the towns of Aguada, Rincón and Aguadilla. So we are the perfect spot for surfers and adventurers who like to explore our island.
The beaches of all the towns of the northwest are equidistant to us. So driving between 6 and 18 minutes you will find very good paradisiacal beaches.

We are also very close to museums, monuments, restaurants, forests and waterfalls!

West Coast Cultural Tour

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There is no transportation.  Carpooling is done or if the group coordinates the bus, the guide goes on the bus with the group.

Cost $25 person.

Additional Tours

Aguadilla (visiting parterre, Parque Colon, pintalto, historic center, paseo real marina)

$25 Per Person

Rincon (Domes Beach, lighthouse, historic center, Playa almendros, la cambija)

$25 Per Person


Walk through the historic center visiting the town hall, cathedral, Pilar de Fillo museum, Casa Grande museum, Presbyterian cathedral, Plaza Colón.

$35 Per Person


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